Wet, wet, wet week in Washington

Well it’s been a slow start to our trip with a long wet week in Washington.  We began with a jaunt over Washington Pass in the North Cascades where we stayed outside of Mazama and woke up to increasingly hostile clouds gathering over us.  The Methow Valley was beautiful and alive with shades of green and highlights of color from the wildflowers that seemed to be bursting forth in every direction.  We stayed in the Twisp area for a few days trying to figure out some basic systems for our trip.  The weather kept us from any major ventures but a break in the clouds afforded us the time for a mountain bike ride outside of Winthrop.  It was definitely good to be outside.

Looking happy in the rain

Farrah looking happy in the rain.  What a lady.

Old farmstead by the road.

For a bit there was a break in the rain.

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