Camper Van Fun! Indian Creek, Utah

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Wow. I spent a great week in my van at Indian Creek. I met up with a few friends who have been traveling in their camper van for the past 9 months. We spent the week climbing, hanging out and enjoying the beauties of the high desert.

Indian Creek is part of the Canyon lands in southern Utah. It features massive plateaus which are guarded on all sides by 300 foot, sheer sandstone cliffs. The natural beauty is amazing and the unique vistas are only enhanced by the changing day light. As the sun goes down the rim of the canyon is illuminated in gold and red hues and the whole place takes on an other worldly magnificence! Definitely worth a visit, even if you’re not a rock climber.

Indian Creek is about one hour south of Moab, Utah which is a small town in a big area. The area is known for it’s amazing mountain biking, off roading, hiking, scenery and rock climbing. Although it’s a small town it can be really lively because of the large number of people who choose it as a road trip, climbing or family destination.

The scenery around Moab is unreal, especially Indian reek and the Canyonlands National Monument. If you fell asleep and woke up there you might think you’re on another planet. Sandstone towers and flat topped mesas fill your vision in all directions. Orange, yellow, red and brown rock formations loom over deep slot canyons creating a mystical yet foreboding appearance.

The sun beats down during the day, making things hot, and as the sun sinks behind the mesa, the temperatures drop exponentially. You might go from shorts and a t-shirt during the day to long pants and a parka at night. Make sure you cover your vans windows with a reflective insulation such as Reflectix before you head out climbing or hiking for the afternoon. Reflectix will really help keep your van cool.

Well, I had a great time in Indian Creek. I wish I would have ventured out and saw a little more of the area while I was there. You can also check out Arches National Park which is nearby. It features a number of beautiful and unique sandstone arches in a desert setting. Arches National Park has many hiking and camping opportunities. If you’re in the area, check it out!

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