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Road Trip Checklist-5 Things You Must Check Before a Long Trip

Road Trip Checklist When you’re planning on heading out on the road for an extended trip there are things that you need to consider. Not taking the time to check a few things on your van could mean being stuck in the middle of nowhere unprepared or worse, getting into an accident. A good road trip checklist will have all of the following items listed on it. All of these things are easy to check and take only a few minutes but can save you a lot of time, money and head aches along the way. You’re better off

Gas Mileage Chart

Camper Van Fun! Indian Creek, Utah

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Wow. I spent a great week in my van at Indian Creek. I met up with a few friends who have been traveling in their camper van for the past 9 months. We spent the week climbing, hanging out and enjoying the beauties of the high desert. Indian Creek is part of the Canyon lands in southern Utah. It features massive plateaus which are guarded on all sides by 300 foot, sheer sandstone cliffs. The natural beauty is amazing and the unique vistas are only enhanced by the changing day light. As the sun goes down the rim of