Shifting Skies

Well it’s been a great time in Bishop.  We’ve been camping in the Buttermilks at the foot of the mountains and loving each day of it. Farrah had a nice and successful teaching at the local Yoga/Pilates studio in town and several of the participants showed interest in Lu Jong.  Bishop is a small town so the community shows a lot of interest in new practices and classes that are offered.   It’s  nice to see Farrah sharing this special practice with people and having a positive effect on their lives.

The weather has been magnificent and even when a storm seems to be threatening to dump rain on us it never quite materializes.  I have noticed  that the weather in Seattle looks to be fantastic as well and I have to admit that I am longing to see the changes in the season, especially the color of the leaves as they change from green to shades of red, orange, yellow and all hues in between.  Besides the brittle flowers on some of the desert shrubs, there is an absence of color  other than greens and browns here.

Here a few pictures from the previous week.

The mountains, backlit and beautiful as the sun dips below the visible horizon

This foreboding storm swept over the mountains.  Ominous, it appeared that it was going to unleash its alpine fury on us.

The storm soon began to dissipate  into a glorious sunset

Wow. From the other side of the valley these rays seemed to sprout from nowhere to accompany the rising moon in the distance.

And in the darkness, this creature found its way across our camp site.  Not sure what it was.  It was big and strange looking so I ushered it off into the sage brush and we never saw it again.

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.”
Walt  Whitman

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