Rainy Day Hideaway

Awoke to rain pooling on the sunroof of the van this morning.  A cool, dewy reminder that we are from Seattle and that even though Utah is the second driest state in the country, it rains here too.  It was actually a relief to see the rain despite the fact that it sidelined my plans to climb at Cecret Lake in Albion Basin today.  Rain is exactly what this place needs.  To clean the smoke-filled air and to give local fire fighters the upper hand extinguishing several wildfires that currently burn in nearby canyons.

So for now Farrah and I sit in a cafe at Snowbird as the rain falls on a lush  patch of ferns outside the window and drab music plays on the intercom lulling me into doldrums.  Could be worse.

Looks like a typical Washington morning…in Utah.

Farrah took the above photo yesterday as well as the next few posted below.

Columbine. Beautiful and toxic.

Wiley Cayote in our campsite.

Wiley Me in our campsite


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