Photogenic in Almo

Farrah and I are still in Almo, Idaho (population 140 as of the 2000 census) and we’re really enjoying the natural beauty of the area.  Between the City of Rocks and the neighboring Castle Rocks the area is full of beautiful, expansive scenery and other natural wonders.  The geology is just one aspect of the area. There are opportunities for limitless encounters with colorful birds, mule deer, bighorn sheep, coyotes, strange insects and even mountain lions.  It’s an interesting experience to be high on a rock formation and look down onto the back of an osprey, hawk or vulture circling below you.  Not your typical perspective!  It stays light until almost 11 pm while the alpenglow lends an enchanting and otherworldly feeling.  There are so many great photographic opportunities to be had that sometimes I feel like I’m cheating.  I suppose it will be humbling when I am forced to try to take nice photos in another setting that isn’t so conducive.

We will be staying here for the rest of the week and then leaving for Utah either this weekend or early next week.  It looks like we’re in for some hot temperatures in the upper eighties.   Yesterday we climbed a 400 foot buttress on the south side of Castle Rock.  It was a fun and relaxed outing with adequate protection and high quality white granite.  Hopefully we will have an opportunity to get out and do a little more climbing before we leave.  I guess we’ll just have to chase the shade and hope for the best!

Some City of Rocks eye candy…

There are thousands of butterflies here.  This one posed for me on a budding milk thistle.

Farrah is making good use of the granite features.   Farrah practicing Lu Jong near our camp.

Castle Rock.  We climbed a route that follows the buttress on the left side of the formation.

Not a bad place to sit!

Farrah and I high up on Castle Rock.  Nothing is more flattering than a crooked climbing helmet.

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