A Little Slow Going

The last few days have been a little slow going.  Farrah and I had a small oil leak in the van which I wanted to get it taken care of right away.  I brought the van to a local mechanic and when the van was returned to us it had damage to the interior and the transmission was acting up.  Needless to say we were less than pleased and we let the owner of the shop know this.  At first he was defiant but once he saw the damage that his mechanics did to the interior of the vehicle he quickly became apologetic and promised to make everything right for us.  He has given us his personal car to drive as well as put us up in a hotel for the night while he gets our van back into proper shape.

On the surface Salt Lake City doesn’t appear to be the most interesting place to spend the day but we managed to find a great breakfast spot, The Park Cafe, visited the Tracy Aviary where we admired everything from owls to flamingos and raptors amongst throngs of excited children and spent a few hours at the library with its unique architecture and windows that make you feel like you’re sitting outside sans 97 degree temperatures.

We’re getting our “home on wheels” back this morning and we’ll be heading out to spend a little time climbing before settling into a new place for the next several days. It will be good to get out of the gritty, stifling heat of the city again.


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