A Beautiful End to a Long Tour Through Monoculture Land

Arrived late yesterday at the City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho.  It is in the south-east portion of Idaho about nine miles from the border of Utah.  To say it’s beautiful here would be an understatement.  At an average elevation of over 5,000 feet it’s true high desert terrain.  Looking in every direction you see rock spires and domes jutting from the valley floor.  The canyon walls are composed of granite rock formations that add a prehistoric feel to the scenery.  Camping is dispersed throughout the reserve and each site seems to have its own character and unique qualities.   Laying on a vast granite slab we watched a stream of tiny clouds cruise across the star-studded night sky as the desert creatures regaled us with a cacophonous insect symphony.

We will be here for at least a week before we move on once again.  I’ll be sharing pictures soon.  Until then…

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